jubilee / anniversary numbers

The marvelous birthday / anniversary / jubilee numbers / wreaths are manufactured with centuries-old, original molds from the  Erzgebirge (ore mountains) region around Dresden.

They have a vintage design with a lot of small lovely details.

 Great for presents or decoration for birthday parties and anniversaries, if you do want to look for something very special. 


Please take a look at the range on this site and/or download the catalog for more information.



Download catalog:

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Jubilee Numbers 8 x 12 cm, with wire

Lovely jubilee numbers with wire to put on flower bouquets or plant pots

Jubilee Numbers 13 / 18 / 24 / 27 cm

High-value embossed jubilee numbers and wreaths in different sizes

Jubilee Numbers 41 cm

High-class anniversary wreaths made of thick paper with a very deep embossing

Jubilee Numbers 50 cm

Premium costum-built anniversary wreath for a very special moment

All numbers from 1-999 and background (colour) are free to choose

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