Dresden trims / foils / papers / German scrap

These old-fashion styled Dresden trims/ foils/ papers (also known as German foils / scraps) are manufactured with centuries-old, original molds from the  Erzgebirge (ore mountains) region around Dresden. Once it was the main center of crafting products in Germany.

Take a close look at the Dresdens to watch all the small lovely embossed details.

Great for crafting, card making and scrapbooking.


Please take a look at a range of our most popular items on this page or in the catalogs.

If you need a special costum-built style, please contact us directly.


All articles are available in the following COLORS:


gold, silver, red gold, white, black, cyan, light and dark blue, red, green, pink



Download catalogs:

Dresden trims.pdf
PDF-Dokument [11.5 MB]
Dresden trims app.1.pdf
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Dresden trims app.2.pdf
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Dresden trim borders

High defining borders - perfect for Scrapbooking and crafting

X-Mas, Halloween, Holiday, Angel Wings

Tenderly embossed Dresdens for every event - wedding cards, gift cards, Scrapbooking, Valentine´s Day, Christmas and Holidays season

Sun, Moon & Stars

Beatiful suns, moons and stars for decoration, arts and handicrafts

Ornaments, frames & embellishments

Top-quality embossed Dresdens for every kind of photo album, gift cards and Scrapbooking

Animals and flowers

Rich detailed Dresdens designs of wonderful flowers and animals

Assortements & Numbers

Several assortments of top-quality embossed trims, perfect decoration on gift cards and  Scrapbooking

Various Dresdens

More lovely Dresdens for crafting and Scrapbooking

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