Bouquet holders / posy frills

Our bouquet holders / posy frills are manufactured traditionally from embossed paper under highest German quality standards. Great for decoration of flowers, bouquets or candies.


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Bouquet holders / posy frills

for flower / wedding bouquets, decoration

inner diameter outer diameter white gold silver red yellow blue green blue checked 5 colors
3,5 cm 8 cm x x x            
4,5 cm 10 cm x x x           x
5 cm 12 cm x x x           x
6 cm 13 cm x x x           x
7 cm 16 cm x x x x x x x   x
8 cm 18 cm x x x x x x x x x
9 cm 20 cm x x x           x
10 cm 23 cm x x x x x x x   x
11 cm 26 cm x               x
12 cm 27 cm x               x
17,5 cm 34,5 cm x                

Candle holder / Ornament

dimensions: Ø 5cm - for small candles (less than a diameter of 1 cm) or decoration

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