ladybug feet industrial die-cuts

angel wings,  lady bugfeet, stars and other industrial die-cuts, produced with hi-tech machines


Dresden trims / foils / papers

A great range of beautiful Dresden trims / foils / papers / German scrap - a highly detailed, embossed to its perfection

Dresden party supplies

An assortement of amazing crowns and glamorous tiaras and majestic angle wings


jubilee / anniversary numbers

Beautiful birthday / anniversary / jubilee numbers & wreaths, die-cutted and embossed to its perfection

bouquet holder / posy frills

Wonderful bouquet holder / posy frills for all kind of flowers and candies





Walter Kunze is manufacturing die-cutted, embossed, laminated and printed articles of paper and cardboard:


Top-quality Dresden trims, foils, papers, German scrap, embossed crafts, party, wedding and floristics supplies, manufactured on century-old dies and machines at highest German standards.


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