About us

We are a family-operated specialist for embossed, stamped, concealed and printed articles made from cardboard and papers.


We ´re delivering the confectionary, crafts, floristics and decoration industry worldwide and are a market leader in Europe with our die-cutted articles.


Please take a look through our product galeries or online catalogs, which are showing a range of our unique articles.

If you need costum-built items, we can assist you with our experience & knowhow in paper manufacturing, according exactly to your individual wishes and expectations.


Our company stands for highest quality made in Germany, reliability, flexibility and substainability.



1872         Company founded by Mr. Friedrich Albert Emil Kunze in Annaberg, Saxony


til 1945    Intermittent more than 400 workers employed in the paper factory Annaberg


1945         Company buildings and areal destroyed in the World War II


1952         Disappropriation by DDR regime


1954         New start in Amberg, Bavaria and rehabilitation by Mr. Carl-Walter Kunze


1977         New company buildings are finished


1985         Enlargement of the company buildings, new CEO Mr. Hubertus Kunze


2009         Expansively technical modernizing of the machine park


2011         Mr. Hubertus Kunze retired, sons Christian and Christoph Kunze new CEO´s


Walter Kunze GmbH
Max-Planck-Str. 6
92224 Amberg


Telefon: +49-9621-61818
Telefax: +49-9621-61855
E-Mail: info@kunze-papierverarbeitung.de



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